FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which games do you support?

Alongside community funding, we'll continue to search for investors that understand our intent and would like to see the project prosper without compromising our integrity. Even if the project isn't fully funded, we're devoted to see it through to the end.

How does matchmaking function?

Instead of relying on the official ranks given by your chosen game, Flamingo uses it's own internal ranking and matchmaking system that enables us to provide matches suited to your level of play. This system is based off tried and true methods, adapted to better suit our high stakes matches. Your rank is unique for every game - performing well in one does not impact another.

What about hackers, ping advantage and other landmines of online gaming?

To establish a fair playing field, the matchmaking system will average out every player's ping and find a server that provides a stable experience for everyone. If a player is reported and found hacking, every match they've played in the past week is null, all effected players are refunded and the hacking player is suspended. We have a very strict policy in terms of cheating and system abuse, and will continue to enforce these rules.

Can I play a match exclusively against my friends?

Yes! You may create private lobbies and invite as many players as we officially support. Only invited friends will have access to this lobby. Ranks are not be effected in private lobbies. Aside from that, everything works in the same way - players still pay an entry fee and the winner has their fee doubled.