Turn fun into revenue

We are GlobalCore, a newly founded Slovenian development team with years of collective experience in software development. We're creating Flamingo - a game launcher that enables hobbyist gamers to take their favourite game to the next level and earn a living without having to travel across the world in search of tournaments.
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(Work in progress)

Here's how it works

After creating an account, downloading the program and selecting a supported game, you (or a group of friends!) pay an entry fee of your choice and are placed in a lobby with players of similar skill levels. If you win, we release your reward which is always two times your entry fee !
Entry fees can range from a few cents and up to hundreds of dollars, entirely depending on how much you're willing to put on the line. If you choose to play alone, you are matched exclusively with solo players - no unfair advantages.
When you're happy with your balance, you can transfer it back to your bank account.

So where's the issue?

When creating software of this level, funding is always an eternal struggle. While we've already invested into the project ourselves, for the vision to be fully realised by creating a secure backend and hundreds of servers hosted worldwide, we'll need help. Outside investments often come with demands that compromise what's at the heart of the project- enabling everyone to make a living from playing games. So, instead of relying entirely on outside investors, we want our project to be driven by the community, for the community.
Currently, our funding goal is 10 000$. By donating, you help speed up development and receive a custom donator badge visible on your profile. In addition, any money you donate is doubled and available for use once Flamingo is released to the public.
Alongside community funding, we'll continue to search for investors that understand our intent and would like to see the project prosper without compromising our integrity. Even if the project isn't fully funded, we're devoted to see it through to the end.
If you'd like to contribute towards speeding up development, please consider donating .
Welcome to the next generation of gaming!
Regards, the Flamingo team


  • Matic Mele
  • Co-founder & COO
  • Jaka Rot
  • Co-founder & CTO
  • Dimitrij Piciga
  • Co-founder & Financial Advisor
  • David Belovič
  • Co-founder & Consultant